Rainbow Milk Powder

  • Full rich flavor
  • Excellent quality milk powder
  • Dissolves instantly, even in cold water
  • 100% natural, does not contain any preservatives
  • Shelf-life of 24 months
  • Consistent guaranteed high quality

Rainbow Milk Powder

Our Rainbow Milk Powder is made of the most delicious pure cow’s milk. Rainbow Whole Milk Powder has a rich and creamy taste and contains important nutrients like Calcium, Protein and Vitamin A. It is a natural product, does not contain any preservatives and dissolves easily in warm and cold previously boiled water. In addition to making a milk drink, Rainbow Milk Powder can also be used for cooking, baking and with cereals. Rainbow Milk Powder is packed in convenient re-closable tins and has a shelflife of 24 months when stored correctly.

Consumer Unit

Producttype Packaging Content (gr) Shelflife (month) Production
1 Milk Powder tin 400 24 Oman
2 Milk Powder tin 900 24 Oman
3 Milk Powder tin 2500 24 Oman

Trade Unit

Packaging Contents (gr) Size L x W x H (cm) Gross weight (kg) Production
1 Carton 24×400 42x32x27 12.5 Oman
2 Carton 12×900 53x40x18 13.5 Oman
3 Carton 6×2500 58.5x40x22.5 18.5 Oman

Container Load

Cartons per 20 ft container Cartons per 40 ft container
1 775 1664
2 775 1760
3 535 1500

Custom tariff no.


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