Brand benefits

Building Strong Families since 1871

Our 145 years of dairy farming expertise allows us to produce great quality milk. We make sure our milk is filled with essential nutrients: Calcium, Vitamins and Protein. These nutrients help everyone in the family to get the right nutrition to be healthy and strong. This allows the whole family to be active, connected, have the freedom to play, and take care of each other. A healthy family is a happy family. Give yourself a strong start to the day with Rainbow.

Delicious products made from fresh cows milk

Nutritious products with protein, calcium and vitamins that keep you strong and healthy

Broad range of products for the whole family’s nutritional needs

Company owned by Dutch family farmers ensuring quality throughout the chain from grass to glass

145 years of dairy farming expertise helps us to produce great quality milk

Multi-purpose product (direct consumption, cooking, tea & coffee)